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The Power of Intention

Everyday I set out intentions for how I want to feel about my day, and the kind of outcome I’d like to achieve for projects in hand. It’s a very simple exercise to do and make time for; so simple to do, but all too easy to forget.

Take a moment to think how you feel about yourself and what it is that you are going to be doing with your day. Do you feel upbeat and excited? Or are you at the other end of the spectrum and living in uncertainty or dread?

I believe we all have the right to live happy, positive, empowered lives, regardless where we stand in society, and that we can set a course to find the joy for ourselves and share it with others. Joy is not something fleeting that happens on the outside - it is something deeper that’s inside us. To find more joy, it helps to consciously choose what it is that we would like to attract into our lives.

For much of the time, it seems that whatever we think about ourselves, for better or worse, is proved right over and over again. A good habit to practice and hold onto is noticing if you are having an unhelpful or negative thought then gently holding that thought for a moment before re-shaping to make it a more positive outcome. The more you practice this the easier it will become.

Going to parties can give an interesting angle on intent. Most people think about them as something that they ‘should ‘ enjoy, but all too often it can feel like the spotlight is on them ‘to be seen to be having a good time’, and yet they hold a secret fear that they are going to feel terrible and left out instead. You might be surprised by how many people I work with who feel this way!

How about instead of dreading that party or event, you create in your mind’s eye a picture of you having a brilliant time, making a new friend, sharing stories, being relaxed and calm inside. With practice and intent you can make this a more common reality. You may have thoughts such as the ones outlined below running through your head, know that you can catch them and change them to empower yourself to come up with positive solutions:

If you notice yourself thinking “I won’t know anyone there”, shift to…

I wonder who I will meet that I have things in common with.

When you notice “But I won’t know what to say” sneaking in, try…

I wonder what questions I can ask to start a conversation.

As you notice that “I always feel so awkward and left out” feeling, move on to…

I wonder how relaxed I can let myself be, to allow myself to feel included.

If you’re doubting yourself with self-talk along the lines of “I always say the wrong things and make a fool out of myself”, then give this a go…

I wonder how I’ll feel saying the right things and engaging others with intelligent comments.

With every step, you will find it easier to reframe thinking to empower yourself a little more and help others to feel at ease. By asking different questions, you will allow the infinite intelligence that you are to come up with fresh answers. Your thoughts of doubt or concern are not unique to you. We all have them to some extent and the trick is to learn how to turn anything that is negative to the positive, and do that over and over again, until it starts to be your default patten.

Try this simple exercise:

Within 10 or 15 minutes of waking, find some quiet space to think about your day and what you have got in it, and then ask yourself:

What is my intention for the day?

What am I hoping to achieve?

Meditate on the positive steps you can take

Reflect on how you will feel when you have completed the tasks in hand.

Sitting or standing, connect with your feet, feel them on the ground.

Then take your attention to your head, feel it connecting with the sky.

Some of you might like to put your hands in the prayer position, a great way to connect chakra points and to focus the attention inside of yourself.

Recall your positive intention

Stay with this focus of intention for a few minutes

Then, take a nice deep breath in and go and have fun with your day .


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