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Jingled or Jangled?

Do I feel jingled or jangled? Probably a bit of both if the truth be told. Over this festive period I hung out with family, 25 in total and over New Years I had the pleasure of meeting lots of new friends at The Good for Life adventure festival here in St.Davids, where I supported the event with some Yes to Me coaching.

Surfing in the New Year with The Good Life Festival

While loving how I spent my time, and feeling invigorated by both lots of company, I felt the stretch of keeping the balance with all concerned, which left me feeling very tired, and somewhat depleted of energy at times.

As a lover of the great out doors, I spent much time out on the cliff tops and on the flat sands of our beautiful beaches. They are both great places to find my inner peace as well as exercise legs, lungs and heart.

One thought kept coming back to me: after making New Years Resolutions, why is that so many people keep them for the first week yet give up soon after. Why I wonder, do we give up so easily when we know we want to change and have the tools to do so?

Why do we give up our New Years Resolutions?

The nature of our mind leans towards fear, doubt and judgement, its job is to protect us and yet it seems to sabotage so much of our good intent. Sometimes when making New Years resolutions, we can set our selves up to fail. A shore fired way to find success that I know, is to check in with your body wisdom.

Bodies never lie, and a lovely check to see how congruent your resolutions are is to give this little exercise a go. Before you start, find a quiet place to sit where you will not be distracted.

Take a deep breath in and let it out giving yourself permission just to relax. Read through the guidelines and then when you feel ready close your eyes and begin.

There's always a choice of which pathway you choose to walk

Imagine two paths in front of you.

You are going down the path on your left. It shows how your life is currently being run, doing the same things over and over again.

Living life just as you are.

Now as you do this notice what is happening in your body.

How does it feel?

What do you experience?

Check in with your body.

Keep moving forward in time, slowly.

Notice what/how it feels to be you….. traveling forward to 5 years from now on your current trajectory.

Next, bring yourself back to the start point, make yourself feel neutral. Take a deep breath in and relax.

This time head out down the right hand path, seeing yourself put into place the changes you would like to create in your life.

You are trusting in life to unfold in a way that is supportive to let these changes take place.

What if you could just trust and let these events unfold as they need to, let go of being in charge.

Imagine living your life if these things had already evolved and that you were already living this ideal life.

How does it feel?

What do you experience?

Check in with your body.

Keep moving forward in time slowly, getting a really good sense of what it would be like to be you living this changed you.

Notice what/how it feels to be you…. traveling forward to 5 years from now on your new life pathway……..

I am convinced that our bodies never lie, which means we can trust our body to reflect what is best for us. Learning to trust your body / heart wisdom and balance your mind talk is an incredible useful tool and one that I use regularly.

If the body responds in a good way then make the changes, keep picturing the you you want to become and start living that way from today, right now…….

As they say, if you keep doing what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always got, so remember to put your focus, time and action on where you want to be, not where you’ve been.

Wishing you all a very positive, happy and creative 2019 where all your best dreams can start/continue to play out.

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