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Dare to be happy

Go on and dare to be HAPPY

Here on the west coast of Wales our lead into Christmas is, like so many others’, like none before. Different conditions are changing any plans we had on how to spend our ‘big’ day - and are still likely to change again as we find our way with the new rules. We do though, have a choice on how we feel about this. Some people may be really happy about the changes and others much less so.

If you are less than happy about your Christmas plans or anything else that Covid has thrown at you, notice whether you have checked in with your internal mind talk. What is it saying to you? Did you know that you don’t have to believe it? What if you were to ask yourself positive leading questions to support yourself in creating an upbeat outlook? For example when was the last time I really felt happy? Take yourself in to that neurological state by feeling how you felt back then, wake all your senses to the experiences, hold it in your minds eye.

Happiness is a choice, as is fear or sadness or any other emotion. We have got lazy and fallen into a default pattern of fear doubt and judgement, the predominant nature of our minds.

Take a moment to stop and step into your heart, focus in on happiness - ask yourself what if I was happy right now regardless of what is going on outside of me, let yourself smile. Take a deep breath in, even if it feels false push the outer edges of your mouth up to force a smile - keep breathing into your heart centre ask yourself how can I create happiness? What can I do for myself to feel happy right now, and how can I share this with others?

Make a commitment to yourself to be happy no matter what. Remember this - nothing on the outside can ultimately change how you feel on the inside - that is your choice; your mind is strong but your heart is stronger when exercised to be this way.

I hope you choose in favour of happy, coach your mind to feel grateful, trust in the universe to set yourself free. Your gift for Christmas is to remember that whatever you put your attention on in life grows stronger and that you can start growing happiness.

With love to you all for a very Happy Christmas.

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