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A Touch of Sparkle

Here’s a question - do you fancy doing something remarkable over the Christmas break - something that could add sparkle to everything you treasure?

The first part of the answer starts with wondering how you are treating yourself and the level to which you’re aware of the way your thinking impacts on your well being.

It is reckoned we have 6,000 thoughts a day, many of which can be repetitive. Our minds tend to wonder and it’s easy to lose sight of whether your own mind is telling you good and kind things or if it is nagging a little too much. It’s good to notice the nature of our mind and see whether it’s fear, doubt and judgement or creativity, ideas and ambition that spark most of the time - have you taken time recently to pause and reflect on how yours is wired?

We can all-too-easily slip into believing so much of the ramblings that rattle around that we forget about the connection between our minds and our bodies. We can identify so strongly with the mind that in the process we quite often forget the rest of us - until that is, when we get an ache or a pain, or worse sickness comes knocking on the door. As for our soul and purpose - do you even give them the time of day?

This year will undoubtedly bring a lot of changes to how you usually spend the lead into Christmas and even the big day itself. Is it time that you took some well earned rest and changed your autopilot to something much more kind to your whole being, which will inevitably ripple out to other areas of your life?

There is a lot of evidence out there now about the benefits of meditation and whilst there are lots of good apps to help, all you really need is you. If a little practice, every day or even once in while sounds like it would be a good thing to start or re-start, then read on….

You will know how much time you have, this exercise can be done in five minutes or an hour - or even longer if you like the effects it has on you. Follow these simple steps.

1. Sit or lay comfortably.

2. Take three nice deep, slow breaths and start to feel your body relax.

3. Take your attention to your feet and slowly work your way up to different parts of the body, let each part that you put your attention on know that it can just relax and that it is perfect just the way it is. If critical thinking comes in, stop and push the thoughts away and gently remind your self of being kind. The mind will wonder and that is its nature - just gently bring it back to where you last left off and continue on up the body.

You can even remind your brain that it too can just relax. Perhaps say to yourself no where to go, nothing to do, nothing to get right, nothing to get wrong so just relax.

4. When you have got all the way through the body, let your attention follow your breath. Expand your awareness to the whole of your body.

5. When you are ready to finish, give yourself a moment or two before leaping back into action. Gently wiggle your toes and fingers, take some deep breaths in and open your eyes when you are ready.

As I said at the beginning you can take any amount of time. When you do decide to go for a longer meditation you could let yourself travel right inside to your bones, muscles, tissues, organs and then out to the skin, it can be as in depth as you like.

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a very Happy & Peaceful Christmas season.

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