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One to One Coaching

Everybody's story is unique and as a result, I tailor make a personal journey for you. 

Sessions can vary in length, intensity and structure based on where you are on the road to your mindfulness.

The best way for you to decide whether working with me is right for you is for us to start a conversation.

There is no obligation to me, only to yourself. You deserve to have a better life.

Contact me and we can organise a free consultation over the phone.

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"Going through The Journey with Sarah J Middleton was an amazing experience. I usually cannot visualize, so didn’t expect to see anything. But once Sarah started talking to me, I just relaxed and went with the process of improving my mindfulness. We got through many layers of my emotions and eventually I felt an incredible feeling of peace and love.

It was a wonderful process, I even cried in front of Sarah, which is something I wouldn’t normally do. Afterwards I felt light and free I have cleared a lot of hidden emotions and I am very grateful to Sarah for taking me through the Journey."

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