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My Journey


Back in the year 2000, I used to suffer badly with migraines, colds, flu and many other minor infections, my health always compromised. I found life hard, scared of my own shadow, suffering with anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, my self esteem was non existent.


From the outside looking in I expect it looked like I had everything. Four beautiful bright young children excelling at school, a successful business that was going from strength to strength, a husband who loved me, family and friends all around, yet I was suffering.


For most of my life I felt this way, it felt as though I was unable to go forward. I had started to engage with suicidal thoughts once again and I knew I needed help.


After a particularly difficult evening where I had completely blacked out, I reached out for help and luckily for me it came.


To cut a long story short I attended a seminar that changed my life just simply in one weekend. For the first time I focused my attention on how I was feeling inside and sat with emotional pain that I didn’t even understand. It opened doors that had been so tightly closed and it was probably one of the hardest things to do. It was the first step I'd taken towards mindfulness and I soon got my life back on track.


The transformations that took place in my life, mentally, emotionally and physically, never cease to amaze me. 
And because of this massive change, I had a strong  burning desire to help and support others to resolve what ever was troubling them.


I trained and became a Journey practitioner working with people one to one and on Journey seminars far and wide. I went on to train in several different techniques including Reiki.


I continue working with colleagues and friends on my personal and spiritual development. I regularly attend workshops to grow my understanding of Bio Energetics at The Ratu Bagus Ashram in Bali. 

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